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Some gadgets we've programmed last year and might; notice: really might, be usefull for someone...


  • Back Play - Plays a 44KHz stereo wave backward...

  • Use Reverse Convert to convert any stereo 16 bits wave from file to file.

  • Free Mem, a tiny tool that helps windows to clean it's memory. Have free mem instead of swapping cache out all the time!. For NT, W2K and 9x. Very simple but effective. Stole the idea though :)

  • HTTP Server Beta 0.61 Works. Run a HTTP site from a floppy disk! (only 1 .exe and one configuration file). Don't notice the accidential 'acces violation messages', as long as you don't click OK the server runs, elsewise restart the program. - that's why it's still a Beta!

  • Year 2000 test for Dos-based windows (95/98), and DOS. Archive contains two executables, one for DOS and one for WINDOWS 95/98. Same algorythm though.

    Batch Utils:

  • WinMessage Generate a windows message dialog from a dos-bases BATCH script. Returns a errorlevel: 0 for OK and 1 for CANCEL. Useable for batch freaks and System Administrators only.
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