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One of the first programs we've written using fourier techniques. It samples data at 22 kHz Stereo and displays up to 5 times a second the frequency components in a logarithmic scale.

Once started it tries to open your sound source. If you are playing a wave - please make sure this is at 22 kHz. Playing cd or line-in is always fine. If you have multiple sound cards (or am I the only one???) you may select one.
Update: A new build is coming because we made a slight fault in the calculation of the frequency component- so high tones appear to be too loud.
Please send your suggestions how you like this program to function, look etc.


digital frequency visualizer for windows 95/98/NT (rar-selfextract)
This is a RAR selfextracter. Put it in a desired folder, double-click on it and the program will be extracted into the same folder.

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  • New build of Frequency Visualiser
  • FFT Equalizer, as well as Fourier functions implemented in DSP
  • voice / guitar controlled synthesizer.
  • piano (or: anything) tuner
  • Release Net Chat voice&text
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