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cam2web screenshot Cam2web - a simple webcam application that publishes your webcam online using built-in http server.


cam2web 0.41
cam2web 0.40
Notes: Version 0.41 has various issues solved and the tcp/http part entirely rewritten and is much stabler. Some users however commented been happier with 0.40, so both are available. They provide identical functionality.


A small manual for Du Webcam beta 0.4

Cam 2 Web offers a http/1.1 compatible interface for video snapshots within a html page.

This is beta 0.4
Bug fixes since beta 0.3:

  • Fixed this nasty memory leak.
  • Made JPG images available and default

    Q. How do I connect
    A. most basic: http://localhost:81/
    or : http://localhost:81/x320y200r7.jpg
  • x and y are the desired sizes
  • r the desired refresh rate (optional)
  • .jpg, .gif or .bmp the desired image format
  • 81 the port number you use.

    For legal values the name of the second parameter should follow:
  • /x320y200r10.jpg //entirely correct
  • / //correct
  • /xyr7. //correct, default image size with refresh of 7 forced.
  • /x800y600r.bmp /correct //image size forced, serve side refresh
  • /x100y500.gif //incorrect y sizes will be defaulted.
  • /x100y50r //correct(!)
  • /*.bmp /.jpg /hello.gif //all correct
  • /r20. //correct !

    Q. How to put that in HTML ?
    A. for example: [IMG SRC = "http://localhost:81/x320y200r12.jpg"]

    Q. How to change capture size?
    A. Use buttons below device listbox to control settings

    Q. I click on some button or checkbox but nothing happens.
    A. That's depends on wath your device driver supports. It's there anyhow and is not supposed to generate any errors.

    Q. I get strange errors reporting 'avicap32.dll' not found, what's wrong?
    A. Almost any windows version should have this file, or: do you have any device installed anyway?

    Q. Nice, but i does not work. How do I start it?
    A. Click on one of the devices displayed (select one). If you see no devices, check if your cam is properly installed and so on.

    Q. Can I use it to watch TV?
    A. Yeah, you can. At least if you got a video capture card.

    Q. I change port number but get no data
    You have to restart http services by unchecking and checking again the "serve http" checkbox.

    Q. It hangs. what now?
    A. Possibly. please report : dubaron@dubaron.com

    Q. Isn't that to much load rendering all those images for the server?
    A. Each connection is supposed to run in IDLE (!) time, so it's not likely. But possible anyhow.

    Have fun.
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