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CD2ISO is a simple tool to extract .iso images from your cd or dvd disk. It will read any drive as raw disk, so you can also use it to make a sector dump of a removable drive (cd, dvd or floppy).
Cd2iso works very straight-forward. It will dump raw sectors of a filesystem. You do not need any additional dll files.
You can use it to make iso dumps of a CD or DVD drive, and to verify the checksum of existing or just-burned disks.

Please read the FAQ (faq in plain text)


Version 1.03 is now available for download: http: stable cd2iso 1.03 (zip, 190Kb)

Feature requests

Please consider using DuBaron DiskImage before requesting features. It is unlikely features will be added to cd2iso, as diskimage is the ultimate powerfull swiss army knife of disk tools. Don't confuse cd2iso.exe for windows with the webmin module cd2iso. But since both applications target a different platform, i assume sharing the same name is not confusing.

Short FAQ

Q. It is not working.
A. If you get an error message, cd2iso might require exclusive access to a drive. this seems to happen when explorer displays drive listings. close explorer window(s) that display directories of the cdrom drive you are trying to dump, and try again. cd2iso does not try to force exlusive lock to the drive (like toaster applications do)

Q. How do i make a raw sector dump of a hard disk or a floppy?
A. Please use cd2iso version 1.00 to do that. This ability is removed from newer versions because it is hardly needed and only works confusing.

Release notes:

Version 1.02 includes
* Verify only (no actual dump)
* MD5 checksumming
* Have the drive combobox updated when disk is inserted or removed

Fixes 1.03:
corrected md5 checksumming

To Do

* Make application multi-threaded to increase performance some.

Other usefull tools.

Collection of burning hools, iso editing/creation etc.
http://cdr.dpaehl.de/ Dirk Paehl has been very productive writing cd/dvd recording related freeware.
Create ISO images
BurnAtOnce is a windows GUI wrapper around the mkisofs library. Mkisofs (MaKe ISO FileSystem) is a tool that allows you to compose iso file systems. BurnAtOnce has also a wrapper for the cdrdao burning utility.
Folder2Iso is another windows GUI wrapper around the mkisofs library. It allows easy creation of an iso image out of folder contents.
Get MD5 checksum of files
To check the MD5 checksum of files on your disk, you can use WinMD5
Burn ISO to disk
You can do so with the open-source utility 'cdrecord'.

What you need to do is Put this all together in one directory (no need to copy files to windows directory) and you're ready to go.
View iso images
There is an excellent tool called isobuster that allows you to browse iso images.
Dump audio tracks of a cdrom
You can use Exact Audio Copy for this.
Other freeware toasting software
CD Burner XP Pro is a native windows application that does cd/dvd recording. Most populair recorders are supported, and it provides a nice GUI.

Final note

What's wrong with NERO?
Nothing. I like nero. i use nero. nero version 6 maybe somewhat slow, but (especially when patched(!)) it is reliable and allows almost anything you want (except dumping .iso files, but you can dump .nrg files).
Then why CD2ISO?
I think there is place for open-sourced and/or freeware recording tools.
Also, CD2ISO seems to be the only tool around that can make MD5 checksums of 'live' cd's. Some of the other free tools listed above can dump .iso files as well. And no, i won't get sad if you use these tools instead of cd2iso :) Use whatever you like. I just hope this overview helps you getting the right (free) tool for the right job!
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