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What is an iso?
An iso file is a raw sector dump of a drive, in particulair a CD-ROM drice containing a CD file system (CDFS).

CD2ISO will extract _any_ filesystem. Valid iso files are only made of CD images.
But.. CD2ISO can create a dump of a hard drive as well. This is allowed on purpose for you to be as flexible as possible.

CD2ISO is not working.
You probably need administrative privileges to run CD2ISO.

What platforms are supported?
CD2ISO is supposed to work on all platforms as of windows 95b. It is developed and tested under windows 2000.

Do i need ASPI drivers?
No. CD2ISO uses native windows api. There is nothing special low-level to it. In fact, it is thus amazingly simple that it is a wonder why people dare to ask money for such a tool. Or newest
NERO (6) preventing you to do. The core fits in a dozen lines of delphi code.

Will it copy protected game cd's?
No. it will generate a dump of a valid CD file system. There are other tools to extract raw cdrom data.
CD2ISO does not read raw data. It reads the file system, sector by sector.

Will it fix a corrupt cd?
No. it will read the cd as-is.

How do i burn iso files?
Use your favorite recording tool. Almost any recording tool allows you to burn iso images.

Does it extract audio cd's?
No. audio cd's do not contain a valid file system. CD2ISO may extract data parts of mixed mode CD's.

What's da license?
Freeware. Distribution of any kind allowed as long as this unmodified readme is included.

The author is not responsible for anything. In fact, i do not guarantuee this tool works. In fact, as any software, it may damage you data or hardware. Do not use on production systems.

Author: Rene (rene@dubaron.com)
Homepage: http://www.dubaron.com
Version 1.0
Date: januari 25. 2004

Executable info:
Compiled with delphi 5. May have been compressed using an exepack utility like upx.

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