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Have you, just like me, looking the internet all over to find an Dvorak International keyboard driver? You've  come to the right place. Screenshots of the key mappings below.


Dvorak International Keyboard Driver - Extended - version 0.1
Download: DVINTE-0.1.zip
This will only work with windows 2000, 2003 and XP and possibly Vista and NT4 (untested by me). You need administrator privileges to install.
After installation you will need to reboot, even if installer doesn't say so, for the driver to be detected!


This driver was made by the MS Keyboard Layout Creator
I've been trying with keyboard hooks etc to create my own driver, until i discovered this tool from microsoft.


If you want to adjust this layout, download the above tool from Microsoft and DVINTE-src-0.1.zip


As the MS KLC already mentions, not all characters can fit in your default code page. Therefore some characters will only be available on applications supporting unicode. Fortunately, most modern applications are. Non-compliance is no reason not to map the keys imho. Unicode wasn't invented for nothing!

Keyboard layout

I've made the accent keys  (` '  ~ "  ^ ) (almost) identical to the US-international layout. Next to that, i (tried to) add support for eastern-european languages like croatian / serbian and chech. The quote (") combined with an c, s or z will map to resp. č, š and ž. Mappings probably are not perfect yet, feedback or improved versions welcome, mail me for improvements and suggestions rene@dubaron.com

Additionaly, a (non-perfect) greek layout is mapped under the right-alt key. Using shift and right-alt simultaniously will give access to even more symbols. Those include mathematic symbols, and other nice symbols. See the screenshots.

Another slight change to the US-International behavior is what happens if you press the key twice. You are not forced to press a space after, you can just repeat typing the key which will result in one character. So entering ^^ on your keyboard will result in i single ^.  Same for the other dead keys.

I still didn't figure out how to remap the clipboard shortkeys (ctrl-c,v,x) and undo (ctrl-z). I tried mapping the control codes to CTRL-q,j,k,x but that doesn't work. Wonder how this is done with other languages. Clues welcome.

Other drivers
Some other international Dvorak drivers: http://www.hornetranslations.com/keyboardsenca.shtml

Screenshots of key mappings