Mettler H72/H78 manual

Download the original Mettler H72/H78 manual, english part only, scanned to pdf:
H72 manual (pdf) (3.0 MB)

The H72 is an excellent piece of precision weight measurement equipment (0.1mg resolution, linearity: 0.2mg over 160g range) manufactured by Mettler. Production stopped in 1977. But this equipment is anything but outdated! Good chances you can obtain one at an online marketplace or so. Easy-to-use (once you know how), probably reasonable affordable and very precise.

After obtaining a H72 (well, in fact lending but maybe i can get/trade it), I've been searching the internet for such document but unfortunately found none. But, i was lucky and was handed a copy of the original manual, i decided to scan it and put it online. Hope Mettler (nowadays Mettler-Toledo) won't mind because after all the document is copyrighted by them, but it seems they've lost the last copy themselves (at least, i cannot find it on their website).

The scan is made with 300dpi, 8bpp and converted to pdf by HP software. So it is a bit large but i tried to keep the photographs as detailed as possible. They are black/white and have a little high contrast (which i left as-is) but to me it seems very reasonable.

Take care to all steps when installing the device. Make sure you tighten everything again (in about the reverse order as untightening) before transporting the device. Transporting it without mounting may in the worst case cause severe damage, and in the best case make a mess of the inner workings which can only be corrected if you are very experienced and/or have a second working device.

Placing the equipment:
Make sure the device is 100% leveled (use the level indicator at the top). The device is _very_ sensitive to vibrations. Walking on the floor if the floor is not perfect solid,for example, but also vibrations from other devices (motors etc, even computer fans!).  Avoid airflow.

One last hint: If you are unsure how to open the #$^(* thing, try to just gently lifting the top plate, it is not tightened with screws but hold in place with (air-'tight') rubber strips (to avoid dust). Side plate almost dito, you can easily remove the knob by pulling.