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My Cache.htm - This file is a random collecting of items found in my IE cache in which i put a little sequence.. There just collected here for fun, i do not sell, promote or whatever on these images listed. Also, some of them may be copyrighted but they (the publishing website) apperantly allowed them to put it in my cache (http protocol easily disallows to do so) which gives me to my best knowledge in my country the right to create a new piece of art based on existing material. Guess wetter it's art is up to da judge then ;)

Mostly i browse with firefox, and all those images come from the IE browser which for some reason is still my default browser, and will open when i click on a link in an e-mail or somewhere else outside ff. Lots of the images seem much more personal then i expected. Guess if the fbi or aivd would examine them carefully they would find out who i am and even on which project(s) i am working on. Or they'd send me an email or just see contact for my adress details of course to find out i am currently working on a postgresql interface for libsql, have been worked hard on hard&software for an ion-selective instrument, and want to wear a T-Shirt "No, I will not repair your PC' ... ;)

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"Hey, you! Get off my planet!"
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