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YATT - Yet Another Terrain Tool

Yatt is a tool that allows easy manipulation of STRM and terragen terrain data.It can import and export those filetypes.
Status: Alpha


  • Load from and save to terrain and srtm (.hgt, .ter) files
  • Merge .hgt files to a single larger file
  • Leveling tools - special functionality to alter terrain levels
  • Statistical filters
  • Common tools like resize (resample), crop, select, brush, flip
  • Polyline selection allows detailed sub-picture selection and altering
  • Multiple sections ("layers") allow different operations on subparts of the main image
  • Full support for non-existing data (unsampled pixels)
  • Undo, undo levels customizable. Seperate undo for each section.
  • Zoomed view and editing
  • Preview of water level

Getting started

  • Download latest version of YATT
  • Download your STRM data from the nasa . Make sure you know geographical coordinates of the area you want.
  • Use terragen to convert your terrain into a realistic 3D representation.

Other usefull tools


Yatt has been used to convert heightmaps to use with the Lake Geneva massive rendering project.


Licensed as freeware for personal, educational ("non-commercial") use. For commercial use, you can buy a site license. Contact rene
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